Sunday, 19 August 2012

More acclimitizing, more unsettled weather.

Cruising up the West Buttress on an acclimatisation run to 17,200 ft camp

"Climbers from Harvard Mountaineering Club descend past Washburn's Thumb, 16,800ft, Denali"
It may all be mid-tones and flat light, but I love this photo for the eerie way the ridge disappears into the cloud, and for it's historical significance. The title says it all really.

Back under the kitchen tarp

Examining the spoils donated by descending friends...Peter seems suspicious of Mexican Style Rice & Chicken...

More wind, more snow, more digging

Great moral booster - tinned ham roasted on a DMM spit! Shortly after this feast Jim departed for base camp having decided his cold wasn't showing any signs of improvement and another summit attempt was off the cards. With a short weather window forecast, and time quickly running out the rest of us finalised our plans for what would be our one and only chance for a summit push.

Among the many jobs involved in breaking camp, only one required adherence to some form of rotation. On this occasion Dave drew the short straw and went to visit "The Crevasse".

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