Sunday, 19 August 2012

Summit Day

Interesting....the team is now split between two camps, it looks like we have one day of half-reasonable weather left and I'm over 6,000ft below the summit at 14 camp having turned around with one of team who was feeling unwell on our way up to 17,200ft. What to do? Some music should help the decision making process; thankfully the iPod had plenty of charge...

Early morning view of 14,200 ft camp from just below the fixed lines. With the exception of a party who set off early on the Upper West Rib I'm the only person moving on the mountain between 14,200 and 17,200 ft; a rare privilege on this route.
Nice goggle tan...

Sunrise progressing up the Kahiltna, just reaching 14,200 ft.

The previous days crowds had left a well worn trail, and I enjoyed having it all to my self enormously.
Dave and Peter were just surfacing when I reached their camp at 17,200 ft. After breakfast (their first, my second) we set off up the autobahn toward Denali Pass. 

Cold and Windy break at Denali Pass, 18,200 ft. We met a few other parties, but the upper mountain was really pretty quiet all day, with persistent wind strong enough to make stopping any more than momentarily very unpleasant - this is reflected in a lack of photos over the next few hours, and the pretty spectacular degree of dehydration which we all achieved.

Peter and Dave approaching the top of "pig hill"

Summit Ridge in evening light

Harvard Mountaineering Club, Denali Summit, 20, 230 ft.
June 15th 2012, 9.30pm.

Tired much?

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