Friday, 22 May 2015

Harvard Mountaineering Club, Denali 2015

This feels rather like the digital equivalent of pulling an old journal down from the shelf, blowing the dust from the cover, and opening it, to reveal a blank page, ready and waiting for the next tale to be recorded. I've left this blog lying dormant for three years now, while posting photos and stories from my various mini-adventures to various other social media platforms for whoever might be interested. But, sitting here in Talkeetna again, hoping to fly onto the Kahiltna glacier tomorrow, it seems that the time has come to return to this platform, in preparation for what I hope will be some photos and words from an adventure worth sharing.

Denali, Sultana, and Begguya, across the Susitna River. Photo credit Peter McCarthy.

I suppose the 2015 Harvard Mountaineering Club expedition to Denali formally got underway the night before last when Peter McCarthy & Ian Bolliger flew in to basecamp. I heard briefly from Peter this morning (requesting more tortillas...already?!) and it seems they've enjoyed some fun skiing. Hollie and I aim to join them tomorrow, after which we'll all get underway on the West Buttress. What objectives are open to us after that remains to be seen; so far this year only one climber has summited, and reports indicate winds regularly over 80mph on the upper mountain. Hopefully conditions will abate as the season unfolds.

We won't be live blogging (I like to keep my wilderness a little wild) but I'll endeavor to get photos and a trip report online once we return, so please check back.

In the words of one of the greats,

"Peace, Love, and Bacon Grease"

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